Mr. Fenton contest postponed


Gracie Warda, Writer

Mr. Fenton, a ‘pageant’ for male students, was originally planned for Friday, May 19. The contest was postponed until Thursday, May 25. Auditions were held May 15-16. The winner, determined by an elected board of judges, will receive $100.

“It’s fun when students in our school get the courage to audition for it,” junior Skylar Matthews said. “It’s great for kids to show support. It’s a grade for our class, [IB Theater] so we all fill the roles of publicity, Masters of Ceremonies, lights, sound, set, crew and other things.”

Out of several auditioners, 12 boys have been selected to compete on stage for the title of Mr. Fenton. There are four events the boys prepare for: casual wear, formal wear, best in shorts and a talent.

“It’s purely performance, even when they’re modeling,” Thompson said. “Everyone thinks about the entertainment section, but the entertainment starts even when they come out modeling casual wear.”

Among the contestants are senior Chase Raymond, senior Brennen Henson, junior Arlo Simmerman and senior Frisco Alvarado.

“I think your female beauty pageant is pretty predictable,” Thompson said. “Everyone does those, even national television does that, but when it’s your male beauty pageant, then that is definitely a whole other interest being created. It makes for a lot of fun and entertainment to see guys in a different light.”

Unbiased Judges are selected yearly to choose a winner.

“Myself and IB Theater Arts choose the judges,” Thompson said. “IB Theater Arts sponsors Mr. Fenton. The proceeds raised from this event go to the Ruby Zima scholarship which allows for any senior theater student who is majoring or minoring in Theater to get a scholarship. We look to the judges who are outside of the school. The judges don’t know these students at all and if they’ve graduated from here it’s been years ago so they are far removed from any of the contestants.”

The winner will be announced after the show on May 25, which will be held in the Ruby Zima auditorium at 7:30pm. Admission will be $5.