Back to the Bricks startup tour ends in Fenton

Madi Wheeler, Online Editor

The scene of convertibles, muscle cars and antique cars, means that car shows are in full swing. Back to the Bricks is an annual week-long car show celebrating classic cars and the people who own them. The Heritage Promo Tour is a part of the Back to the Bricks show and just recently came to Fenton.

According to, this year’s tour has been named the Heritage Promo Tour. The tour will place emphasis on the history and heritage of each city in Michigan visited.

Wanting to highlight Michigan cities is the purpose of the tour but it is not the only motive to the tour.

Every June the Back to the Bricks Annual Promo Tour provides events for hundreds of classic car owners to show off their cars. Comprised of a six-day tour, the hope is for two things; to promote Back to the Bricks events, especially the “main event car show in downtown Flint, that takes place in August as well as to exhibit each city’s unique features and foster economic development.”

During the six day course the Heritage Promo Tour will visit six different cities around Michigan to promote Back to the Bricks other tours.

The tour departs from Flint on Friday, June 9, and will makes car show stops along the way in cities such as Clare, Big Rapids, Muskegon, Coldwater and Adrian. Concluding the tour will be a luncheon and party at Lasco Ford in Fenton on Wednesday, June 14.

Next up for the Back to the Bricks is the Tune Up week that will take place August 7-12, each day in a different city. After that from August 15-19, is the main event week. This week consists of a drive-in, the rolling cruise, a concert and then a show on Saturday, June 17. Schedules and locations can be found here.