Leo’s Coney Island Fundraisers raise money for journalism camp

Ellie Vasbinder, Writer

As MIPA (Michigan Interscholastic Press Association), a camp for students interested in journalism draws nearer, members attending this camp wait anxiously to start packing. New and experienced members on staff will travel to MSU campus on July 30 and head home Aug. 4.

“Last year I went to MIPA with barely any Newspaper knowledge,” sophomore Amber Kelly said. “MIPA was a good place to start and get my feet wet. This year at camp I’m looking forward to bonding with the new and current members and learning more about InDesign.”

This five day camp teaches several classes about various aspects of journalism. Attendees can learn about InDesign, writing, and photography. However, with this camp comes a cost. To help fund for this workshop, newspaper and yearbook staff are hosting a fundraiser and encourage citizens to assist.

“The fundraiser is very important to our staff because it will help raise money for members to go to camp,” Kelly said. “This camp will help create a more detailed and interesting newspaper. I urge the community to come out and support us, the money is going to help the Fenton InPrint become a better newspaper.”

The fundraiser will be held at Leo’s Coney Island on July 27 from 5 – 6:30 p.m. Members of the community can give aid by buying an item from Leo’s within the timeline. A portion of the money will go to the Fenton InPrint and Fentonian staff for the MIPA workshop.

“By supporting the fundraiser, more students are able to go to MIPA and we can also pay for new equipment,” junior Sabrina Hall said. “This is a big deal because great photos are the heart of the yearbook and by going to MIPA we learn valuable information, like how to develop theme and how to become better journalists, writers and editors.”

Fenton Publications will receive 10 percent of each dine in and carry out orders from the Fenton location. A second fundraiser will be held on August 24 at the same location from 5-8 p.m.