Students commute to Big House as homecoming alternative

Lydia Podlesak, Writer

The second weekend in Oct. is a monumental day for many students as many scramble in preparation for homecoming and search through department stores for formal wear while others are reaching for college football attire.This is the case for the group of students individuals heading down to The Big House to watch the Michigan v. Michigan State game.

“We are tailgating the whole day until the game,” sophomore Marissa Delecki said.“ My brother is coming home from Seattle so he is coming home for the game, same with my sister, so for me that’s another reason to go to the game.”

Unlike homecoming, students attending the U of M game instead of the dance are going with their families. Being rivals for years, the two teams going head to head is a crucial event some families cannot miss.

“My whole family is going down and I get to see my cousin because she goes to Michigan,” sophomore Dru Hajec said. “ I am looking forward to just being there. I love the stadium and Ann Arbor and watching Michigan play.I always go to Michigan games, it is tradition, both of my parents went there”.

As the 7th of Oct. comes around, students are faced with the dilemma of whether cheering their hearts out at the game or dancing the night away at homecoming. For some students, passing the opportunity to go to the game is unthinkable.


“Homecoming is important to me, but I might as well take this opportunity to go to the game because I do not know if I will get to go again,” Delecki said. “I feel like I will probably regret it after but as of right now I do not feel that way. I still have two left and also prom.”

Standing in the wet and rainy weather did not put a damper on the spirit and strive to win for both sides as the game carried on. As the pouring rain became ongoing and the game started to come to an end, State carried their lead and received their victory.

“Even when it was raining, the excitement was still there. It was a great time. Both teams played very well, it was a close game,” sophomore Grant Bluhardt said.“The craziest part was when state won. It was an upset because Michigan was ranked 7th and State was not, so the state fans there went crazy cheering and the team ran over to the student section.”

The game did not lack exhilaration as supporters of both teams commuted down to the Big house to cheer on their boys. Students and their families enjoyed the opportunity to watch and experience the atmosphere of the roaring crowds and vibrant school spirit. Although, the day did throw unfortunate weather circumstances, the game was still thrilling as both teams played to win. The score finalizing 14 – 10, State withholds the win continuing on their battle to the Big Ten.