Fenton tigers win homecoming game against the Flushing raiders

Nick Megdanoff , Writer

With cheering crowds, interceptions and misting rain, the homecoming football game on Oct. 6 was close, with the Flushing Raiders and the Fenton Tigers in a tight game the entire time. However, Fenton beat Flushing in the second half, giving them one more win to their record this season.

“It’s always a difficult contest, it’s always a good game.” Athletic Director Mike Bakker said. “Flushing is going to want to certainly come in here and spoil our homecoming, they are going to want spoil the fact that we are undefeated and they still have a chance at least a share, or an outright league title.”

Similar to Bakker’s prediction, Flushing stayed with the Tigers’ score in the game, but Fenton pulled ahead ending with a score of 52-35.

“We won, so from that standpoint, we did very good,” varsity football coach Jeff Setzke said. “I think both offensively and defensively we got some things we need to clean up as the season gets longer and longer. We have got to clean up our penalties and a few things that we did wrong, but I’m very pleased.”

Even though another victory was added to the team’s record, Setzke and some of the players did not hesitate to recognize where improvement was needed for the team to prepare for its next game.

“We had a lot of defensive mistakes,” senior Josh Maher said, “So we are going to focus on defense more; we are going to practice the things that we messed up on some of our coverages, and we are going to be trying switching it up a little bit.”

Fenton won against Flushing, keeping their undefeated record for the season. Next, the Tigers will face the Swartz Creek Dragons Oct. 13 at home at 7 p.m..