Clubs offered to Students

Lydia Podlesak, Writer

Key Club
“Key club is a volunteer organization. Our job is to supply students with volunteer opportunities,” President Jamie Elrod said. “We center around lot of volunteer events focused with children. We accept all members.”

Captains Club
“Captains club is a group of athletes that go around the community or neighboring communities and offer help where it is needed, we try to make the community a better place,” junior member erica Hering said. “We also help with disabled kids by spending time and helping them. Anyone can join, you don’t have to be strictly on a varsity sport.”

“UNICEF stands for United Nations International Children’s Education Fund We look to raise funds locally in Fenton to donate to UNICEF International. UNICEF looks to better adverse conditions for people, providing education to young children, and providing medical care,” President Devon Mann said. ‘This club is special because you may not know the person who is being directly affected by the money you raise. It is rewarding, in a sense, that you’re helping someone even if they are half way across the world.”

Conservative American Student Association
“CASA stands for the Conservative American Student Association and is designed to educate and inspire future leaders and voters by bringing in current leaders to talk about political issues,” Vice President Logan Canada said. “We have a general organizational structure, with a “board” of organizers. We are the only club that is 501(c)(3) and receives contributions from external donors.”

National Honors Society
“NHS is a service based organization to help the surrounding community,” President Ariana Mansour said. “To get into NHS you need a 3.5 GPA & go through an application process in order to get in, then once you’re in you have required hours to complete to make sure everyone is contributing to the community,” President Ari Mansour said.

Adrenaline Dance Team
“We are a club at the school that performs at the varsity boys home basketball games and the pep rallies,” senior Alexis Jackson said “What makes it unique is that we are a bunch of girls that go to different studios so we really get a feel of how each person learns differently. I recommend anyone to join, tryouts are at the end of the year.”

Titanium Tigers
“Robotics is a sport that incorporates both sciences,engineering, business, CADD development, and software programming. It is just like a sport, like any other sport, but it requires instead of the physical aspect, robots,” junior member Hannah Ferguson said. “I would recommend anyone interested in programming, mechanical engineering, or any other field like business management to join,” junior member Hannah Ferguson said.

Student Council
“Student Council is a leadership group that organizes and creates school activities.We do a lot of donation based type of things,” President Molly Anderson said.“Not only do we want to help Fenton High school itself but the community. I would recommend someone that is interested in making a difference in their school.”

Trap Shooting
“Trap is a shooting sport. Every Wednesday we head up at practice at the Linden’s Sportsman Club,” sophomore member Cray Dumeah said. “ It is the only shooting club at our school and not many other schools have that. Anyone who is interested in firearms and outdoors I would recommend to join.”

“We learn, practice and perform a piece of music at the winter basketball games as a source of entertainment for the student section and the audience,” sophomore Jenna Maher said. “It is very skilled because the music is very intermediate and you have to know your instrument well. I would recommend someone who is dedicated and outgoing to join.”