Dance is not a sport, but it is so much more

Anna Ebert, Writer

Countless hours of practice, rehearsals, competitions and yet some people do not believe that dance is not equal to a sport. Dance may not be a sport but something that is beyond one, an art. Dance has a number of ingredients as a sport but takes it one step further. The definition of an art: the expression or application of human creative skill and imagination, typically in a visual form.

Dance is an art in the way that you are able to tell a story, not using your mouth but your movements. Given choreography, anyone is able to do it but it is the way one executes the moves, that tells the story of the dance. Making the movements meaningful and having the audience feel something is a difficult task that makes dance so much more.

Myself being a dancer for 13 years and having taken it more seriously as the years go on, I realize how much of my time goes into it. Dancers need flexibility in ways that many other athletes do not have. To be a dancer you do need to be an athlete and have some of the qualities of an athlete, the stamina, strength and agility. The performance is everything, you practice to make it look perfect on the stage. One of the most valued qualities is making your performance look effortless, not always an easy thing to do. The dance world is big, hard to make it a career, but you do not have to be perfect, you have to throw your heart and soul into it and show dedication.

Dance is one of those go-to’s, you can dance for many reasons, weather it is from the joy and happiness or the sadness and pain. It is the best feeling getting to do that, while in sports that is not possible, you are playing for winning.

Dancers take the athleticism, mix it with the creativeness and passion and the result is an art called dance. Dancers are able to take themselves and the audience into a different nature.