‘We Are Fenton’ slogan created to show off what Fenton has to offer

Jillian Ferry, Assistant Online Editor in Chief

Sending out a tweet, Superintendent Adam Hartley is sure to add the #WeareFenton tag to the end of his tweet. The slogan, created by teachers Brad Jones and Nick Gregory, “We Are Fenton” was created to show off what the district has to offer.

“‘We Are Fenton’ is our tagline, kind of like Nike’s ‘Just Do It’,” Hartley said. “‘We Are Fenton’ stands for unity and dedication to educating our students no matter who they are and how they learn. It also defines us as a school community. Athletics, academics, robotics, fine arts, etc. We are all doing our part to build on our strengths and help one another improve in life.”

The goal of the new slogan is to unify the elementary, middle and high schools, along with programs such as fine arts, academics, athletics and robotics. “We Are Fenton” also stands to push students to do and make things that they are proud of.

“It’s such a big idea ‘We Are Fenton’,” Gregory said. “The goal is to take ownership of who we are and how we can be better and how we can celebrate what we have but also with an eye on the future of always improving.”

The creation of “We Are Fenton” started last spring and it debuted in Sept. Teachers and administration agreed it was a way to bring the district together.

“Jones and Gregory came up with an idea to bring everyone together on the same page,” Hartley said. “Whether you are an athlete, an elementary student, a parent or community member. They came to me last spring with the idea and I thought it was genius. It is a way for all of us to define what it means to be a part of such a great community.”

Along with the debut of the slogan, faculty received t-shirts with “We Are Fenton” printed on the front, provided by Elga Credit Union.

“We needed money to buy the t-shirts and Elga is a local business that said ‘hey we would like to get them for you’,” Jones said. “It just worked out for us that they were willing to hop in and buy the t-shirts for us. They run the student run credit unions at all the elementary schools so this was a way for them to get involved in the middle and high school as well.”

Hartley encourages students to participate in using the slogan. Students who want to provide highlights or points of pride that help define “We Are Fenton” can take the strategic planning survey here.