The Dance Team Is the New Cheer Squad

Alexis Megdanoff, Writer

Dance has long been a part of society in the forms of either tradition or self-expression. It evolved from the ceremonial rituals of ancient civilization into the modern TV shows and recitals that we recognize today. The Adrenaline Dance team has been a part of FHS for three consecutive years now.

“I have been coaching the dance team for two years.” dance team coach Abbey French said. “Last year I was the assistant coach, and this year I am the head coach.”

The team had been at FHS for several years before stopping for three years because of the lack of a coach. Three years ago, a few junior girls approached Baker and were able to get a team together.

“Last year, Brynn Fehir was the head coach,” French said. “She invited me to assist because she would soon be moving to LA to pursue her career in dance.”

Their love of dance brings the girls on the team together, giving them a chance to perform at pep assemblies and varsity basketball games.

“I remember the first pep assembly we ever performed at.” third-year dancer senior Megan Battaglia said. “It was really nerveracking but everything ended up being fine.”

The team itself does not compete, but many of the girls dance at studios outside of school.

“I dance at Fenton School of Dance,” Battaglia said. “The dance team gave me more hours for dancing and allowed me to keep performing throughout the year.”

Practices are held on Saturday mornings for two to three hours. Over the summer the team learned two out of the three dances to give the time to perfect them during the season.

“The hardest part is working with other people.” second-year dancer sophomore Hannah Rheinganes said. “Sometimes you might not get along with others, but you just have to do it.”

All the hard work and dedication pays off, resulting in lasting memories and great performances.

“My favorite memories are of the practices.” third-year dancer senior Alexis Perrera said. “We fool around and make jokes. It’s one of the things I am going to miss the most.”

For senior dancers like Alexis Perrera and Megan Battaglia who joined the year the team restarted, the Friday halftime show at the varsity basketball game on Feb 7 was their last performance.

“After the game I just kept thinking that all three years are over and how it went by so fast.” Perrera said. “I’m going to miss everyone.”

The dance team will be having tryouts this spring, running at least one if not two days for a few hours after school.

“Ladies interested in trying out have to have extensive dance experience with jazz and hip hop [dance styles] at least.” French said. “One must be able to learn and retain difficult choreography as well as understand and accept constructive criticism from both the coach and your peer dancers.”

More specific information pertaining tryouts will be available at a later date.