Inspire others to pay it forward this holiday season

McKenzie Lookebill, Online Editor in Chief

For people, for animals, for the community. These are things to give back to without asking in return. As the holiday season rounds the corner, volunteering etc. can inspire others to do better in their own lives.

One good deed might not seem like much, but by beginning the cycle of paying it forward can inspire others generosity and kindness to do more than just buying gifts for those we know. To include all people and places in our cycle does not just benefit them in the moment, but everyone in the long run. Picking up random trash and donating clothes benefit the ecosystem, instead of contributing to landfill.

Said to be coined by Lily Hammond in ‘The Garden of Delight’ “You don’t pay love back, you pay it forward”. This excerpt has been the base of the pay it forward trend that has grown over the past century. Since then, the trend has been expanding with numerous posts on social media of the different ways people have been giving back to others.

To make the holiday season a little bit more meaningful, help others in need or just out of good graces, to begin the series of positive karma throughout the community.