Christmas classics will remain a staple during the holiday season

McKenzie Lookebill, Online Editor in Chief

“Chestnuts roasting on an open fire…” plays quietly as you make your way out of Target with your shopping bags. Easily making a shopping experience enjoyable, classic christmas music is simple, traditional and iconic during the holiday season. Songs like Blue Christmas by Elvis Presley, Last Christmas by Wham! and Happy Christmas (War is Over) by John Lennon will remain as leading christmas songs during the holidays.

Even All Want for Christmas is You by Mar, a song written in another decade has hit the top charts more than 21 years since after its release, according to Billboard. This shows that no matter what new christmas songs are released, the classics will always make as much or more of an impact with no fan based needed. Unlike Sia, Pentatonix and Ariana Grande they are releasing albums throughout the year, to where they have acquired a consistent fan base for their other music. As for Maria she released her single years ago, to where her 40 million downloads for this year, according to Nielsen music, are a majority of new listeners labeling “All I Want for Christmas is You” a classic.

More focused on the lead singer’s, most classic Christmas music uses voice as the staple in each song. The lead singer(s) hardly compete with synth and computer editing that most music does now. Featuring interludes of saxophone solos, most classic Christmas music also shines light on physical instruments and talented artists that compliment the main voices of the song.

When shopping, opening gifts, or even just going about your day, quintessential holiday music will always be recognized as the top choice during the season.