Out with the old and in with the new Christmas music

Out with the old and in with the new Christmas music

Lydia Podlesak, Writer

It’s a cold, snowy day. You come home from a exhausting day at school stressed and need time to relax. The first thing you do is indulge yourself in a cup of warm cup of hot cocoa and turn on Christmas music, making yourself excited thinking about the upcoming holiday. Christmas music has become a mass symbol for the festive and jolly spirit that occupies people in the month of December. Each year, new Christmas music is released in hopes of enticing people with their catchy tune.

Christmas is an ageless holiday. Generation after generation, celebration of the holiday has not deceased. This being said, the holiday is alive through adding new traditions and songs. Listening to the same christmas songs year after year can simply become repetitive. Artists have become creative in their works of reeinditions and creating new songs.

Same lyrics, different voice. Michael Buble is a prime example of a rendition artist. Having a whole album with 15 rendition songs, Buble has been named the most popular holiday artist on Spotify. Other artists such as Ariana Grande have shook the music world with their very own Christmas hits. Ariana Grande’s hit Santa Tell me hit first on the United States holiday top 100. New artists coming out with new Christmas music not only promotes their name and music but holiday spirit and traditions. Newer Christmas songs and renditions offer a wider variety of new sounds and beats. Artists keep cultural background of the song but add a twist. For example, the Pentatonix did an a capella rendition of the song Have Yourself A Merry Little Christmas, drawing listeners in by straying away from traditional instrumental noise but replacing it with their own voices.

New Christmas music has provided listeners with creative alternatives while keeping the tradition alive. Whether it is with renditions or a capella versions, there are many options to fulfill your Christmas music wants this holiday season.