True Happiness should not occur just at Christmas

Anna Ebert, Writer

When you ask some people what their favorite holiday is and they say Christmas, you automatically come to the conclusion that it is because of the presents they get. All the excitement comes from the wait of opening the presents and the holiday all together. More than just gifts should affect your happiness, this time of the year is not all about what you got for Christmas and being mad about what you did not get should not be an option either.

Happiness should not being a once a year feeling, it is something that should be felt everyday. Whether it is sharing your happiness by helping your friends and family, or feeling happy within yourself because it is a good day and thinking on the positive side of the day. For some families, it might even be a sad time of the year because of lost loved ones and not being able to celebrate the holidays.

The whole month of December can be really expensive for most families. If you took the place of your parents, you would realize how much kids ask for and how stressed your parents can get. Therefore, the stress does not make up for a happy time for the guardians. Christmas is becoming more and more materialistic and that is the total opposite of what it is truly about. Kids are taking their presents for granted and are gaining their happiness through receiving gifts. They are not looking at the most meaningful part of the holidays.

Some households may see Christmas as the most joyful time of the year, with so many traditions, decorating or just all the excitement of receiving gifts. To have an inexpensive festive holiday is baking cookies with what you have at your house, and decorating can be reusing what you had from previous years and not buy new decor. Of course you should be thankful for those presents but that is not the focus. Being with the family you haven’t seen in awhile and getting the chance to talk to friends and family is a better road to take than presents.

Christmas and winter months are all different for families and happiness may not come with some. Happiness can come many other times of the year, such as summer or spring break. A popular saying is, “Everyday may not be good, but there is something good in everyday”. This quote relates right back to the holiday season because even though this time of year may be hard for some families, there is an endless amount of positivity that can come out of the holidays.