New Years resolutions promote procrastination toward otherwise reachable goals


McKenzie Lookebill, Online Editor in Chief

Twenty pounds lighter, 10 more dollars in the bank and a cigarette thrown away. The most popular new year’s resolutions continue to get a bad rap this time of year. A new year is considered a new start to a better you, but there is no reason to wait. If you want to better yourself, you shouldn’t use the new year as an excuse to do so.

The thought of a resolution most likely has been a goal that has been in mind for longer than just the day before the new year. Numerous people wait until the new year anyway to achieve said goal. Associating a goal with a new year has little potential to be successful, by putting a long term goal off means that excuses have already been made to ensure it never comes to light. A year is just a number, another cycle of days that continues. There is no more difference in the start of new year than there was a week, or month ago. So there should be no reason to wait, when change can occur at any time.

Don’t wait. If you want to achieve something, don’t continue to make excuses to put it off. If you choose a new year’s resolution, stay true to it. There is more to a goal than starting it, if you make excuses now, you may continue so take action for yourself not for others approval or judgements.