Three apps to keep 2018 a positive


McKenzie Lookebill, Online Editor in Chief

Daily Shine
Set up over text, or in app, Daily Shine sends a positive quote and message every day to participants. Run at the same time schedule everyday, that can be changed in the settings by each user, texts will be sent when the participant chooses. Including an image/gif, message and article inspired by that message. Daily Shine can help to start a positive morning, midday, or night.
Only available on the Apple App Store, but allows to sign up via text on their website.
Apple App Store Rating: 4.2 stars

Leap Second
Be reminded of your year with three second video clips on Leap Second. Allowing users to document each day, watchable at anytime in a complicated video can help those recap the experiences they have had so far. The video is easily accessible in the top right hand corner of the main screen. Videos are either shot in the app, or uploaded later on allowing users to customize each video by trimming it in the app. Giving each user something to look forward to at the end of the year.
Only available on Apple App Store.
Android Alternatives: 1 Second Everyday rating: 4 stars
Apple App Store Rating: 4.5 stars

Known as the Pomodoro Technique, work intervals promote productivity. With customizable intervals, such as 25 minutes working with a 10 minute break, Focus allows users to prioritize work while also allowing for interruptions to respond to messages, or watch t.v.. With a ring, users are notified when a break should start and stop. Unlike other interval apps, Focus allows each user to manually start their break/work session in the app instead of beginning on its own. The app also offers adding five minutes to a session, or skipping it as a whole. Increasing productivity can help achieve goals, while not fully cutting off leisure time.
Only available on the Apple App Store.
Android Alternatives: Tide rating:4.6 stars, Goodtime productivity rating: 4.6 stars
Apple App Store Rating: 4.2 stars