“Every Day” Movie Review

Gracie Warda, Online Editor

“Every Day,” based on best selling novel by David Levithan, follows the story of a character named A, who wakes up in a new body each morning. One day, A wakes up as Justin and falls in love with Rhiannon. In a heartwarming story, A and Rhiannon do everything in their power to maintain a “normal” relationship. While the storyline and novel are extremely intriguing and equally interesting, the execution of the movie fell short.

One issue with the movie was the late explanation. It’s not until about halfway through the movie that the audience learns about A waking up in a new body every day, unless they previously read the book. This late explanation makes the first half of the movie confusing and scattered. Although the element of surprise and the sense of everything falling into place after discovering A’s secret is a nice touch, it does not justify the confusion.  

Secondly, the story is extremely one-sided, especially compared to the novel. The novel was told from A’s point of view, and the voice that A has adds important elements to the story, such as A’s backstory and motivation behind some decisions. The movie could have been much more clear if A was a narrator, not to mention that it could have solved the issue of unclearness. The events in the movie were confusing at times, even after reading the book; such as when A abandoned Rhiannon at the cabin.

Despite these execution problems, the storyline that the movie follows is exceptional. This is one of the only love stories which is entirely inclusive. Rhiannon loves A, despite the body (s)he is in each day. Whether A is a man, woman, black, white, Asian, fat, thin, tall or short, Rhiannon’s love does not falter. No other story can boast such unconditional love.

Overall, the movie was enjoyable and heartwarming, despite a bit of confusion. Reading the book before watching the movie is highly recommended, both for the enjoyment of the novel and comprehension of the movie. “Every Day” is a story unlike any other and demonstrates love in its purest form.