Fashion around Fenton High School

Hannah Young, Writer

“Originally it stemmed from my anxiety of what people thought of me and how I dressed so I would dress well to avoid the anxiety of looking bad. Overtime I began to get compliments on how I dressed which built my confidence and now I dress good not because of fear of looking bad but because it’s what I enjoy doing and it gives me confidence. I like to be diverse and change it up.”-Logan Scarberry
“I am inspired to be fashionable by being confident in myself and it’s fun to put everything together. Anything light and comfortable makes me feel confident and basically anything that is in style.” -Alexis Deffendall
Fashion is such a beautiful way of expression and no one should be allowed to minimize that and take it away from you. People think it takes a certain confidence to wear certain things or even that a girl might be full of herself based on what she wears, but really it just takes being who you are and how you want to express yourself.” -Joie Raymond
“I wouldn’t really say anything inspires me but I just look around and everyone looks the same so I wear stuff that people don’t wear that I like. I wear what I like so that’s all I care about. I love bowties. I like how they look and they are super cool.” -Desmond Coughlin