People of Fenton: Senior Logan Scarberry

Gracie Warda, Online Editor

“I had the idea to start a clothing line with a couple of friends and then build it up over time. People always say to do what you want to do, do what you like. I came up with the name, which is ‘Vainxiety.’ It’s a mix between ‘vanity’ and ‘anxiety’, because that’s why I started dressing well. I have anxiety and I really care about how I look, so it’s really sentimental to me. We’re still working on building our social media right now. We plan on having our first release in june, around June 21. There will be a hat, a t shirt and a long sleeve shirt. We’ll do lookbooks and take pictures and model those items, and pre-sale the t-shirt. We’re meeting with some shops right now, too, and finishing our designs.” Senior Logan Scarberry