The Spring Fling dance replaces Snowcoming

Nicholas Megdanoff, Writer

A new dance is coming to Fenton High School, it has gone under many names and it bears a new name once again: The Spring Fling. The dance will be replacing the winter Snowcoming dance, taking place on March 24 in the spring instead.

“It’s going to be a Spring Fling because it is happening later,” student council president senior Molly Anderson said. “Most schools have a Sadies or Winter Formal, but we changed it to Snowcoming. We’re trying to be like ‘anybody can ask anybody,’ so we wanted to do Snowcoming, but then it just kept getting delayed. We were going to do it this one day, but the ‘Laramie Project’ was supposed to be that day and it took awhile to figure out. Now, it’s in late March, so it’s going to be Spring Fling fun.”

The dance was originally scheduled to coincide with other events in the school, however inclement weather forced dates to be changed.

“We try to link it to the winter sports assembly,” Principal Mark Suchowski said. “That was Feb. 23 and they just couldn’t make it work with all the other things going on. The Ambassadors show was that weekend, the Expo was coming up, ‘Laramie Project’; it just kinda got really tight with the schedule.”

The dance is taking place, despite all of the scheduling dilemmas, to give students a fun experience in a social setting between homecoming and prom.

“It’s another fun time you can come out to the high school and have fun with your friends and ask someone out to the dance, which is always exciting, or go with a group of friends,” senior president Arlo Simmerman said. “It’s a nice safe place that you can just dance and have a good time. A lot of it is still to be decided, but we’re thinking about having a DJ come in instead of playing it off an iPod. We’re also considering doing some stuff with strobe lights and different lighting effects to make it more exciting.”

Student council wishes to change up the dance this year with new events and activities at the dance, but they must first be approved by Suchowski.

“In the past, we always had a winter type dance and the last few years they were canceled due to we had so many snow days or that we didn’t sell enough tickets,” student council supervisor Jill Starr said. “They just kept moving the date and moving the date, then it is hard to plan and get student interest, so we’re hoping for a turn around this year by changing the theme. We’ve added a couple of new things to try and spark interest again, but our idea is currently with Mr. Suchowski.”

Student council will begin advertising for the dance two weeks before it takes place, selling tickets during this time as well. Tickets will be $10 a person, so any interested students should keep an eye out for the student council’s Spring Fling Dance.