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The introduction of “McKennaSquad Beauty Bar”

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The introduction of “McKennaSquad Beauty Bar”

PHOTO Courtesy of MckennaSquad

PHOTO Courtesy of MckennaSquad

PHOTO Courtesy of MckennaSquad

Sydney Bommersbach, Writer

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Applying false eyelashes and bold, bright colored lipsticks is how Mckenna Shummer made the time fly during her visits at the Children’s Hospital of Michigan. For 20 months, she fought Osteosarcoma, a kind of bone cancer and lost the battle on March 6. Mckenna is leaving an immense legacy through “The McKennaSquad Beauty Bar” and her passion for make-up is continuing on for more kids in same hospital she was treated at.

“This was not my idea at all, I had to go to the hospital one day for an appointment,” McKenna said in a video to spread her cause. “One of the ladies that works there is good friends with my family. She stopped us and said that there was some money donated to the hospital to create something that represents me. They wanted it to be makeup themed and we came up with ‘The Beauty Bar’.”

The beauty bar gives the opportunity for other children in the hospital to forget their worries and focus on something other than their treatment there. The kids will be able to go into the room or ask for something to do, such as toy for the boys and makeup for the girls. The first announcement for creating the beauty bar was on Jan. 10., and the estimated opening date is early June on the 6th floor of the Children’s Hospital of Michigan.

“McKenna’s mom, Melissa Shummer, has always modeled for her daughter how to give,” Natalie Cook, a close friend of the family, said. “Melissa was always been into charity work and giving to others. McKenna feel in love with beauty and makeup, and she thought this was something she could do for other sick children that are in the hospital.”

There was a fundraiser held at the Identity Salon in Grand Blanc on Feb. 2, which will continue to accept donations, and a dance at AGS middle school sponsored by DJ Nick at Night on March 15 with all proceeds going towards McKenna’s legacy.

“We are hoping to spread love as well as some kindness and brightness throughout the hospital to other kids as well,” Mckenna’s mom, Melissa Schumer said. “Hopefully we can bring smiles to them and maybe continue to spread the inspiration of the love that Mckenna had for makeup to other kids.”

Even in McKenna’s absence, the makeovers in the hospital will continue so that others going through similar things to her can feel beautiful too. “The McKennaSquad Beauty Bar” has been and will continue to be funded through the giving and donations of the community, family and friends.

Courtsey of MckennaSquad
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  1. Ryan morin on July 23rd, 2018 1:12 PM

    I love mckenna and i know how hannah and you feel iv lost 4 siblings it was hard but i got through mckenna was smart and enspring to me love you guys hope you feel better and get passed march 6 2018