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The opening of Goki Goki presents authentic Korean food to the community

Lydia Podlesak, Writer

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When looking for a place to eat in Fenton, there are over 50 options ranging from the local coney grill to Mexican. Out of all these restaurants, around 10 are ethnic. The people of Fenton now have the option to venture into Goki Goki and try another type of authentic food: Korean. Opened on April 18, Goki Goki, a Korean BBQ & Speciality Meat Market, has been added to the list of authentic restaurants available to the Fenton community.

“I came to Fenton because Fenton is a foodie town, everybody loves food here,” Owner Joe Kim said. “The people of Fenton are very well traveled, we were surprised at how many people have been to Korea and were excited to have Korean food here at home. We’ve been open for a couple of weeks and so far have been welcomed within the community. Every day is better than the next.”

Walking into Goki Goki, a market side is first seen, which offers Korean treats and snacks along with an Illy, Italian, coffee shop and bakery. A specialty meat market is also included on this side where customers have a variety of fresh meat and seafood to choose from. On the other side of the building, tables covered in white cloths are set up waiting for the opening of a sit-down restaurant.

“For the restaurant side it is going to be Korean barbecue, we are hoping to open it to the public the within the next couple of weeks,” manager Stacey Walsh said. “We are getting more and more customers everyday and I think once the restaurant opens it will attract even more. The market side offers a little bit of everything, from the chicken market, Zimmerman’s pastry products, to wines and domestic beers.”

On the back wall of the market side, a hibachi grill is placed where customers can order dishes to go. There, customers can watch their food be prepared or even try to cook it themselves.

“We also offer our hibachi specialty dishes, there are 10 to 11 items on the menu right now,” Walsh said. “You have your more traditional chicken stir fry but then you have your spicy pork and gigolo, which has sweet potato noodles. I’ve been eating a lot of them recently and the other day I wondered why I haven’t been gaining weight, but they’re healthy and delicious.”

With the opening of the restaurant, Goki Goki is now hiring for cashiers,hostesses and servers. Like most businesses, workers must be 16 years of age. Sophomore Karenna Mansour recently applied and is now working at the business.

“I am a cashier at Goki Goki, I check people out on the market side,” Mansour said. “I joined the staff because I thought it was an interesting and different idea to bring to our town because we don’t have a Korean Barbecue in Fenton. What drew me to work there was that I thought that it would be different than working as a waitress at your local coney or VG’S.”

Goki Goki is open all seven days of the week. If you are interested in applying for a job or have any further questions, contact 313-467-2250.

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