Freshman Fenway Jones completes senior exit presentation


Taron Masi, Writer

For most teenagers entering high school, it’s a bit of a shock to have to start thinking about the college and the future. It’s a little different for freshman Fenway Jones, who’s been taking college courses since she was in middle school.

“During 7th grade and the first half of 8th grade I took Lit & Comp 1 (LC1) through Lit & Comp 3 (LC3) at Michigan State University (MSU),” Jones said. “Therefore I’ve already finished most of my high school English courses.”

After being advanced for her age in English, taking higher level courses at MSU paid off in allowing her to be a step closer to achieving her goals.

“My favorite part of the course I have taken would be knowing that I’m getting closer to where I want to be a quicker rate,” Jones said.

When Jones finishes Lit & Comp 4 (LC4), she is left with a few options on how to proceed.

“Now that I’m done with my high school English credits, I’m planning on dual enrolling at Mott next fall,” Jones said. “I’d then be able to take my English classes at the college level.”

One issue Jones ran into was the senior exit presentation that all LC4 students are state mandated to take part in.

“The process for Fenway in doing her senior exit wasn’t very different,” English teacher Sarah Anderson said. “Because she has taken part in such an advanced course load she actually did have many accomplishments that she could put in her presentation. In the end, she made a lot of the other seniors in class feel like they weren’t very accomplished because she had so much.”

Jones found the process relatively similar to past projects she had done.

“It’s state mandated that all LC4 students do a senior exit project,” Jones said. “It’s a little more stressful just because I don’t know what college I’m going to, other than that it’s just like any other project I’ve had to do before.”

Jones presented her senior exit presentation on May 8 and is now planning out what the rest of her high school English courses will be.