Artificial intelligence seems to prevail over human intelligence

Lily Tiong, Writer

At a point, humanity is more intelligent than technology. Robots who acquire artificial intelligence are able to do tasks that usually require a human’s brain and way of thinking.

As humans, we only have one source of intelligence: the brain. Artificial intelligence is technology with a compilation, making it exceedingly more smart than any human being. Because it has obtained so much information from different sources, it certainly has the ability to overthrow humanity as we know it.

Built to do human-like tasks, robots in the future will prevent society from reaching its full potential. We will not know how to do certain tasks because robots have been programmed to do it for us. Jobs are another issue that are brought up when using artificial intelligence. The car industry, for example, doesn’t need as much human labor anymore because robots are programmed to do their work. In the end, artificial intelligence is taking away 47 percent of the jobs some people need to put a roof over their head, according to Oxford Martin School.

Shown by smartphones, humans no longer value the idea of face to face communication. In the future, there is a possibility that people will no longer need to meet face to face because of artificial intelligence. Think about it: with a robot equipped with artificial intelligence, humans can program them to do every tasks like run errands, do the laundry, and even drive. With a simple command, robots can do all of those things making it easier for humans to stay isolated from everyone else.

If used correctly, artificial intelligence can be beneficial to society, making the way of living more efficient.

“Machines can attend to vastly more information and more complex processes than human beings, and try out more drugs or vaccines than we can in the lab,” according to the National Geographic.

What we fail to realize however, is that we don’t need Artificial intelligence. Look at all of the years in the past, people like Einstein, Edison, Nobel, and many more, were able to accomplish so much without it, setting the foundation for our future.