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Season two of ’13 Reasons Why’ is surrounded with controversy

Ellie Bennett, Co Print Editor in Chief

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Controversy. The show ‘13 Reasons Why’ has seen this more than most shows on air. After the premiere of the first season in March of 2017, the show was hit with controversy from schools all over the nation, sending out an email telling parents to be careful about their children watching the show.

The second season was hit with even more criticism than the first one. The show has been critiqued because people say it ‘glorifies’ serious topics, such as suicide and rape. However, this show is portraying a true depiction of teenage society. People that want to say that it shows too much are part of the problem. This show may be graphic, showing topics that people feel uncomfortable talking about, but the conversations need to be had nevertheless.

This season’s criticism was mainly centered around a rape scene, saying that it was too graphic. Not only was the scene a true story but there was a warning at the beginning of the episode, that stated “The following episode contains scenes that some viewers may find disturbing and/or may not be suitable for younger audiences, including graphic depictions of rape and sexual assault. Viewer discretion is advised.” People that know they are easily affected should have been careful watching the episode or not watch it at all.

Women and men are raped everyday and more specifically when they are younger; according to teenhelp.com, “79 percent of female rape victims report that the rape occurred before age 25”. The show may be graphic, but it’s brought to light a topic that isn’t commonly talked about as it is a touchy one.

Teenagers are more prone to being sexual abuse victims as “teenagers account for 51 percent of all reported sexual abuse” according to teenhelp.com. This show is being realistic, people saying that it’s not okay to show these scene are part of the problem, because they don’t want to admit that this happens in real life.

The show from the beginning has always had the intent to help the problem as they have posted hotlines that people can call if this happens to them, it has never been about the fame for them.

The inaction of people too scared to talk about this issue are only propelling it further. Even with people talking badly about the scene at least it has caught attention and is now being talked about because that’s what matters most is that we as a society are having the discussion about this issue.

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