Happy National Jelly Bean Day!

National jelly bean day is today, April 22, which means it’s the time to start stocking up on a certain jelly based, partially oval shaped treat.

Jelly Belly has many different types of flavors for all of their jelly beans, right now there is about 100 flavors, including 50 “official” flavors and 13 “rookies,” which are new flavors that are trying to get their way into the 50 official flavors. There are also five sour flavors, five Snapple flavors, five “super fruit” flavors that are made with all-natural ingredients and colorings, and five “smoothie blend flavors.

“Almost all of the jelly beans taste super good, but, their are some that are really gross to me,” freshman Mady Drake said, “I really hate the cappuccino flavored one, it’s too strong and powdery tasting.”

Some of the most popular flavors for jelly beans are the very cherry and buttered popcorn; buttered popcorn was the ultimate favorite until 2003 when very cherry took over the number one spot. Jelly Belly also has spots for the least favorite flavors, the licorice flavor has been found to be the least favorite. Buttered popcorn was a close second is the battle for least favorite flavor according to the Jelly Belly website.