Librarian Rachael Hodges hosts yoga session for students during all three lunches


Gracie Warda, Asiistant Online Editor

With teenage stress levels being at an all-time high (According to the American Psychological Association), students are feeling the pressure of school. To help combat the stress they may be feeling, librarian Rachael Hodges will be teaching yoga classes for students, free of charge.

“I started practicing yoga and mindfulness about five years ago,” Hodges said. “It’s been really great for me. I started to become aware of students and adults that struggle with stress or focus or anxiety, and I wanted to help.”

Hodges became a certified adolescent yoga instructor over the summer, and hopes to use her newfound experience to help attendees. Classes will be roughly 20 minutes on Mondays and Wednesdays during all three lunches, starting in October.

“I have no idea what kind of turnout there will be,” Hodges said. “I’ve been really pleasantly surprised at the amount of positive feedback I’m getting. I’m seeing a lot of students leave high school with a ton of academic knowledge, but almost no knowledge about dealing with stress in the real world. My goal as an educator is to teach them both.”

Student interested are encouraged to attend a pre-meeting on Sep. 26 during all three lunches. This meeting will address proper attire, behavior and informational forms.

“I’m just playing around with it right now,” Hodges said. “I’m going to start small and see what happens; what students want or need from it.”

Any questions or concerns should be discussed with Hodges in the Media Center or by email [email protected]