Fenton InPrint wins Crown Award from Columbia Scholastic Press Association

Gracie Warda, Assistant Online Editor

On Tuesday, Oct. 12, the 2017-2018 Fenton InPrint staff was named a Crown Finalist by the Columbia Scholastic Press Association (CSPA). The award signifies overall excellence in scholastic journalism, and is given to the top student newspapers in the country— ranking the InPrint among the top 60.

“As last year’s Print Editor in Chief, I feel really proud, of not only my work, but of the staff as a whole,” senior Ellie Bennett said. “We didn’t win the Spartan Award from the Michigan Scholastic Press Association, which was disappointing, but winning the Crown Award made me feel like I did something right.”

Crown Awards are distinguished as either Silver or Gold, placing the crowned staff at the upper 60 or upper 30, respectively. At this point, the InPrint staff is guaranteed at least a Silver Crown, and has potential to receive a Gold.

“I’ll probably cry if we win a Gold,” Bennett said. “I would be so overwhelmed with happiness. Since we’ve gotten a Silver in previous years, it would feel monumental to do something that other editors haven’t done.”  

This is the InPrint’s third consecutive year winning a Crown Award from CSPA, the last two years being Silver Crowns.  

“The Crown Award signifies the best of the best, it’s an incredible honor to be recognized as one of the top 60 hybrid newspapers in the country,” adviser Pam Bunka said. “As a teacher, I see it as validation of the newspaper curriculum and of the skills that each student has.”

Members of the InPrint staff visited NYC in 2017 to accept the Crown Award from CSPA. For the week they were in New York, students were able to take short seminars at Columbia University’s campus and further their knowledge of journalism.   

“We’ve made the trip to Columbia at least six times,” Bunka said. “Every time we return, I am impressed not only by all of the knowledge the students have gained, but also what a fantastic opportunity it is to visit the American cultural center.”

In March, the staff will have the opportunity to earn a Gold Crown, which would move them up in the ranks.