The Secret Menu of Starbucks and what to order

Hannah Young, Writer

There’s a wide range of teas and coffees for Starbucks drinkers to enjoy. Drinks are ordered that necessarily on the menu. Customer-created drinks also known as secret menu, include; frappuccinos, teas and coffees are being ordered. The wild variety of secret drinks are newly becoming popular on social media and in stores.

Starbucks offered on the menu has more than 80,000 different combinations The different combinations are offered through teas and coffees and consist of different syrups and temperatures.  

The ‘Secret Menu’ is a popular trend of different combinations of the drinks. The ideas are streamed on Instagram, Snapchat and other popular social media.

Teas and refreshers are a popular option. The strawberry açai refresher with coconut milk; also known as, the ‘Pinkity Drinkity’ is known after YouTuber James Charles shared it on Twitter.

“I like the strawberry refresher with coconut milk often known as the ‘Pinkity Drinkity.’ I found out about it through a friend’s Snapchat,” junior Ally Resa said. “It reminds me of summer and all of the memories that come with summer. The drink is refreshing and I love the fruity flavor.”

Mochas and coffees are more popular during the colder seasons. Christmas drinks that can be ordered all year round are available. Pumpkin flavored with notes of spice and chocolate is an added flavors that can be ordered.

“I usually get a white chocolate mocha with one pump peppermint syrup,”  junior Karenna Mansour said. “I found out about it through someone’s Instagram story. I like it because it tastes similar to the peppermint mocha so I can drink it when Starbucks doesn’t have the holiday drinks.”

Starbucks employees take the orders and craft them to the customer’s specifications.

“Being a barista, I get to see a lot of different and unique drinks because everyone likes their drink a certain way,” Starbucks barista Jacob Angelovski said. “One of the most unusual drinks I have seen includes our Strawberry Açaí Refresher with cinnamon powder, rather than just two tablespoons of cinnamon powder shaken in.”

Barista’s find customer’s drinks appealing especially drinks that aren’t on the menu.

“It can be really interesting seeing the different drinks that our customers love to order,”  Angelovski said. “A lot of times you’ll think to yourself ‘that sounds really good, I’m gonna have to try that sometime!’ so you’re constantly getting introduced to new customized drinks when ringing in customers drinks.”

Ordering off menu can bring a different selection to the coffee or tea drinks. Ordering off menu is a new trend, and local baristas can make the order with wide concoctions of a wide variety of drinks. The Secret Starbucks menu is a new craze with coffee drinkers.