Fenton places second overall at annual FML Math and Science Competition

Taron Masi, Online Editor

Since the 80s, the Flint Metro League has brought their brightest students together to compete for prizes in several different science and math categories at the annual Math and Science Competition. This year’s competition took place on Apr. 25th at Holly High School. Junior Megan Beemer, who took third place in the calculus portion, was one of the students who represented Fenton at the competition.

“The competition is about having kids from different schools compete in different subject areas in order to name one of the schools the winner of the competition,” Beemer said. “My favorite part of the competition was the group competition, where all of the students from a school work together on questions from various subject areas. This was one category that Fenton took home first place in.”

In the first part of the math and science competition, each student is individually tested on one course such as biology, physics or calculus. The variety of subject areas tested allows all grade levels to compete. 

The competition is centered around the metro schools bringing together and allowing their top math and science students to show their knowledge against each other,” junior Vaughn Doyle said. “Us students then compete against each other in various scientific tests, labs and problems in order to declare a winner.”

Junior Phillip Quinn was another student how traveled to Holly to compete and ended up winning first in the chemistry portion of the competition.

“My favorite part of the whole day was when they announced the results,” Quinn said. “When we were finally done with all the tests and questions we were able to relax and enjoy the rest of the day with the rest of the students from the different schools. At the very end of the day was when they announced the results. Finding out how everyone did was exciting and it was evident with the people who placed in their events that they were thrilled.”

Fenton took home first place in the group competition and second in the overall competition after a successful day concentrated around the science and math skills of the Flint Metro Leagues students.