Students who applied for advanced courses must complete summer homework


Amber Kelly, Opinion Editor

Summer homework has just become available for pickup in the counseling office. Most students who receive summer homework are in an advanced class such as an Advanced Placement (AP) or International Baccalaureate (IB) course.

“I only assign summer homework for my Literature and Composition I Honors class because it’s an application-based class,” english teacher Sarah Andersen said. “Students know the class list before the school year begins; extra work with an honors course is to be expected.”

Students enrolled in an honors, AP or IB course will most likely have between 1-3 smaller assignments to complete, along with a larger task. For example, a couple of worksheets along with an essay, reading or project. The work enhances material learned over the past school year or provides an introduction for material that will be taught during the upcoming year.

“I find during the entire school year afterwards that students will reference detail they read over the summer,” IB History teacher Patricia Gray said. “It provides a great foundation for the rest of the year.”

Summer homework is also used as a way for students to complete a portion of the course over the summer.

“Summer homework allows for getting ahead in classes,” AP Government and Politics teacher Shawn Lawrence said. “Especially when you have a large amount of material to cover in a semester.”

The classes with summer homework are as follows:

  • American Studies Honors
  • AP Government and Politics
  • AP Studio Art
  • IB Economics
  • IB English HL1 and HL2
  • IB French HL & SL  
  • IB History
  • IB Visual Arts SL, HL1 and HL2
  • Literature and Composition 1 Honors
  • World History & Geography Honors

All summer work must be picked up in the counseling office between May 28 and June 7.