Movie Review: Blinded by the Light


Chloe Couch, Writer

A great movie is like getting out for summer break: every moment feels unscripted and has endless possibilities. Sadly, within twenty minutes of “Blinded by the Light,” the whole theater was able to predict the ending.

Although the movie highlighted the importance of racial equality, there were many flaws in the plot. It attempted to shine a light on how music speaks to people, but it was just that: an attempt. 

Many viewers can relate to using music as a coping mechanism, but the main character appeared to make his life decisions based off of the lyrics which, to me, seems irresponsible and reckless rather than inspiring.

“I wish he would’ve stopped singing and gotten back to the movie,” an audience member while exiting the theater said— this seemed to be a popular opinion amongst the crowd. 

Songs felt as if they were being played in every conversation of Javed’s and tended to run for an excessive amount of time. The songs went with the conversation, however seemed unnecessary at times.

“That was predictable,” another audience member said while leaving. Unfortunately, I agree. 

There’s a certain sentiment to a movie with a happily-ever-after ending, but that’s just not entertaining. Which makes sense because in real life, situations don’t always turn out how you wish they would’ve; People can relate more to the movies that don’t have the ‘fairytale’ ending. 

Overall, this movie felt like a slow carousel. The film is inevitably going to end, however, it took too long and doesn’t leave me with a large impact, but it kept me occupied for about two hours.