5 Netflix shows that need to be in your Watch List

Emmy Johnson, Writer

Netflix has an influx of shows being released onto their platform every month, it can be hard to navigate through them, and sticking to a series can be tricky. You could scroll through the never-ending recommendations on your home page or perhaps add these new shows to your watch list.


It’s no one’s dream to be stalked by their future love interest. So when, unbeknownst to her, Guinevere Beck (Beck) is stalked by her obsessive boyfriend Joseph Golberg (Joe), she’s surprised with the steps he will take to ensure Beck is his forever.  

Fortunately, You only has one season making it an easier binge. But despite it an easy watch, it has triggers that audiences will need to be aware of such as murder, kidnapping, and stalking. Dividing the line between physiological horror and a minimal of gore, making viewers second guess the influence technology can have and how it can put you into danger. The show vibes with the uncomfortable, especially since the point of view is seen in the eyes of Joe insisting himself into Beck’s life after she visited his bookstore. 

While Joe seems like the perfect boyfriend at first, his disgusting obsession with Beck slowly turns threatening where Beck’s life is in danger.

Agents Of Shield

Agents Of Shield is one of the many Marvel adaptations that goes beyond The Avengers story. It follows around an elite group of superhero agents solving the world’s problems.

The show is a classic hero story, following the adventures of Daisy Johnson and her fellow agents. Although the show is action-packed, the last seasons are bland and drag through each episode trying desperately to hang onto any last chance of tension and suspense. On the contrary, the first few seasons are shaped beautifully and constructed in an organized manner leaving you satisfied.



Voltron is a show made for younger audiences. Based on the late 80’s show that was canceled, the Dreamworks and Netflix remake Voltron offers a modern and entertaining spin. The show goes in-depth about a futuristic galaxy and technologies, where a group of teammates try to defeat an evil overlord by creating a revolution they were destined for. Despite team Voltron being thrown in unlikely situations, viewers of the show can relate to the characters and grow attached to each one of them.

While Voltron is an overall fantastic show, the last two seasons went downhill creating basic and disappointing narratives, causing fans to lose joy and entertainment when watching the show. The disappointment continued into the last season leaving many fans angered at the season finale. If you can sit through 8 seasons of aliens species alike, wars and battles, adventures in space, and quite corny humor then this show is a fantasy dream come true. 

 That 70’s Show

That 70’s Show is a 90’s-00’s classic made for teenagers to relate to 70’s trends. Following a group of teens and their wacky adventures the show features iconic moments from the time era with hints of dramatic corniness. Differing from its sitcom roots,  the show mixes hints of drama to stir up the viewer. Creating predictive plot points in a perfectly fashioned way and tying it in with 5-star actors. However, the last season will leave you angered and immensely disappointed. That 70’s Show is an amazing piece to add to any watch list. 

The Family

The Family can be terrifying. The show goes in-depth about an elite Christian group that controls information from the government and decides whether or not it will be released to the public. While sitting down to watch the show is easy, the trek to complete it can become difficult. The plot of the show can cause anxiety; many recommend researching The Family after or during your binge for the best understanding of the group.

While the show gained ratings many viewers were left angered at Netflix, commenting on how The Family isn’t a Christian group but a cult controlling the government. Netflix has yet to make any comment on this even though the show gave off cult-like vibes with the inner workings of the group and how they run it. Many still agree it’s a worthy watch, giving theorists a kick.