People of Fenton: senior Jessie Bright


“I went to Peru and Guatemala last summer. I went to Guatemala on a mission trip and stayed at an orphanage and volunteered for a week at different feeding centers. It taught me a lot about my faith and how grateful I am for everything I’ve been given in life and shown me not to take anything for granted. After that, we went to Peru because we have a lot of family there. It was absolutely amazing being able to see where my mom came from and experience all of these places that she told me about when I was little. I got to meet so many of my relatives and see what their lives are like and how life there is so different than it is here. I learned more about my culture and see all of these amazing places that i’ve only seen pictures of. They were both life-changing trips that I’ll never forget.” – senior Jessie Bright

Lydia Podlesak, Assistant Print Editor-in-Chief