Students discuss benefits of podcast-listening

Taron Masi, Online Editor

Every day, people around the world tune into podcasts to hear stories, learn about current events or even get tips and tricks on how to make the perfect meal. There is a wide variety of podcasts available in every genre, making them a very versatile hobby. Whether a listener is in the mood for true crime or comedy, there is a whole library of podcasts just waiting to be listened to. 

“I wasn’t always an avid podcast listener,” senior Karenna Mansour said. “I started listening to podcasts because I wanted to be better informed about what was going on in the world I live in. I started listening to the NPR (National Public Radio) Politics and that led me to discover many more podcasts that I listen to regularly. I love listening because you can find a podcast on anything you may be interested in at the time.”

Listening to podcasts can allow the listener to engage more fully in stories from around the world. 

“Because of podcasts, I’ve become a better listener in everyday life,” junior Hannah Ludwig said. “I attribute listening to other peoples’ stories through podcasts to the extreme empathy I have towards others. Not only have podcasts made me a more empathetic person but they’ve also made me a more imaginative person.”

Podcasts can also attract listeners because there are endless ways a person can listen. 

“My favorite thing about podcasts is that it allows me to multitask,” senior Dru Hajec said. “They’re easy to listen to while I’m doing things around the house or when I’m driving. That way I’m able to do something productive while enjoying myself at the same time.”

Curious about Detroit’s background history or about what a car salesman’s job really involves? There’s a podcast waiting for you. Podcasts can be found on virtually any type of music streaming service or can be located on a podcasting website.