Show Review: Netflix’s “You”

Emmy Johnson, Writer

Imagine you fall in love with someone, it’s a sweet and kind love, a pure and real movie-style love. Now imagine finding out that your partner killed people for you, stalked you and then eventually murdered you for not returning their love. That’s basically Netflix’s original show “You” in a wrap. Contrary to what this description might imply, it’s a spectacular show.

Diving into the first episode, almost every viewer knew that “You” isn’t a normal show. It starts with an inner monologue from the main character Joe Goldberg, an innocent bookseller, describing a blonde woman named Beck who’s scanning through the bookstore. The interaction is short but ends with Joe getting Beck’s full name and begins his obsession with her. He then sneaks his way into her life by appearing as the perfect man for her through observations he collected from stalking. The situation gets worse throughout the season as Joe uses any means to keep Beck in his life.

The first season was a hassle to get through, mainly because of how much of a mess Beck is. Fans of the show have described her as a dull and trashy,explaining that her character could be better. Beck’s friends make it even worse. With the codependence and fakeness between them, it’s no surprise a lot of fans dislike them. Beck was especially codependent, desperate to fit into the elites of New York and seem more carefree than she really was.

Despite a few annoying characters, “You” has been praised as a refreshing show that can interpret the truth behind stalking with social media as a weapon.This is made clear from Joe’s dedication to Beck and the meer fact he’s a psychopath/sociopath. Even with this information being discussed among fans, no one expected what would come in season two.

Joe moves to LA in this new season, Joe finds himself entering more drama, murderous schemes and unsurprisingly in love again with a girl named Love. The season deals with more twists and confronts controversial situations in Hollywood. It’s a nice season, but hard to follow because of all the intersecting plot points. Despite this, viewers call season two the best season so far.

Everyone’s clear enjoyment of season two has been made apparent, but the confusing plotlines cannot be ignored with twice as many characters joining the cast and their development throughout the season. Despite the clear confusion between plot points, it was still a great watch with relatable characters and a peek into Joe’s past, so it’s easy to see why so many love it.

While “You” can be a tough show to watch, (many viewers find it disturbing or uncomfortable), it’s a good place to start on physiological horror. With two seasons that confront the idea of stalking with social media, toxic relationships, and controversial issues in Hollywood. It’s never a boring show and makes viewers jump or grimace in disgust while staying fresh.