Dearborn and Dexter high schools offer alternative sports

Dearborn and Dexter high schools offer alternative sports

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Riann Masi, Writer

Sports can range from the court to the field all the way to the pool but schools like Dexter, Dearborn, and Trenton offer a few different sports than Fenton High, such as rowing, field hockey, and water polo. Students like Dexter junior Jackie Wyka, and Dearborn senior Hannah Hamel choose water polo and field hockey, respectively, instead of the typical softball or soccer for a number of reasons. 

“I’ve played Field Hockey for a very long time and have never thought anything of the sport being out of the ordinary,” Hamel said. “I’ve met life-long friends and have learned great teamwork lessons throughout my four years of playing.” 

Hamel has played ordinary sports such as softball, but still prefers the uniqueness of water polo. 

“As an incoming freshman I knew I was going to participate in Water Polo after watching my sister play,” Wyka said. “Becoming a part of the team, I noticed how much fun it was and all the friendships I have now from playing Water Polo make me glad I joined the team.” 

A lot of these non-traditional sports go out of their way to compete in their games or matches because there are so few schools in the league that offer the sport.. 

“Out of the schools in our league maybe two or three schools offer Field Hockey,” Hamel said, “which affects how much we have to travel to get to our games, and also if we have to miss some of our classes to get there.” 

Because water polo and field hockey are spring sports, Wyka and Hamel are using this time to rest and train for the upcoming spring season, excited to play for their respective third and fourth seasons.