February Update on the Board of Education


Taron Masi, Online Editor

The purpose of the Board of Education is to address the business of the School District. Every month they meet in a public setting at the Administration building to address citizens and ask for any feedback and concerns. Read below for a list of topics covered at the meeting on Feb. 03.

This month’s FAPS Board of Education meeting was a highly attended event. Over a hundred teachers and community members gathered in the Administration Building wearing red in solidarity with the All District Employee Union. 

Following the pledge of allegiance, Superintendent Adam Hartley introduced the former Advanced Journalism teacher, Pam Bunka, to acknowledge the many awards the 2018-2019 InPrint staff received. Three other recoginizations followed with the Fenton Arts Council’s Donation of artwork, the Hougen Foundation Grant and the progression of Tomek-Eastern Elementary physical education golf unit. 

Afterwards, teachers Patricia Gray and Heather Mulligan addressed the board on a new history and language arts proposal. They presented their proposal for a new class titled World Studies, that would be available for any freshman who are interested in humanities coursework taught at a more rigorous pace. 

During the citizens’ requests to address the board on agenda items, Employee Union negotiating representative Pam Hayes read a prepared statement. The statement addressed the subject of the unsettled union contact. 

The meeting concluded with the board approval of the hiring of Katie Simeoni for a replacement after a retirement from Tomek-Easterns third grade staff.