Opinion: Weighted classes are beneficial for students

Bree Soule, Online Editor

Numerous students at Fenton High are taking advantage of the advanced courses offered by the school. Most of these classes are weighted, therefore, a higher GPA is awarded for each letter grade. Having these classes weighted is beneficial for students taking them, rather than being on the standard grading scale.

The fear of getting a lower grade in an advanced course and a lower GPA may deter a student from taking a harder course. Making these classes weighted eliminates this fear and encourages students to take them. According to Michigan Live, “some students might feel intimidated by tougher courses, but if these courses were weighted, more would undoubtedly consider enrolling and in doing so, broaden their horizons for college opportunities.” With the fear of a tanked GPA eliminated, students can enjoy the opportunities presented by taking an advanced course.

Advanced courses require students to put in extra work and effort. With these classes being weighted, the extra effort is rewarded with a higher GPA, therefore also increasing class rank. According to Achieve Academy, “… they are graded on a weighted scale to reward dedicated students who do well, as well as avoiding punishing students who are more challenged by the tougher classes.” The weighted grades prevent students from hurting their GPA and also helps reward students who put in the extra time and effort. 

Not only are weighted classes beneficial in high school, but also for the future. According to PrepScholar, “your weighted GPA in high school tells colleges a lot about your ability to take on academic challenges.” Having an advanced class and weighted GPA on your high school transcript may help a student stand out when applying for colleges, possibly increasing admission chances, especially for highly selective schools. 

Weighted grades show a student’s hard work and ability to succeed at a higher level. Students who don’t challenge themselves academically will not receive the reward that comes with working harder in an advanced course.