Amber’s All About Fashion: My Wishlist


Amber Kelly, Opinion Editor

I know COVID-19 has been top of mind for roughly the past two weeks, and I’m dead tired of hearing about it too, so for this edition of Amber’s All About Fashion, I’m going to try and take your mind off of the dreaded Coronavirus. 

While there’s no real news in the fashion world because of the current situation, I thought I’d write about some of my dream pieces. I always keep a mental running list of different items I’d love to purchase if I had an unlimited amount of money. Because this is a time in the world where we need to stay hopeful and positive, I thought it would be fun to share some items from my wishlist. 

First up: the Chanel Classic Slingbacks in Goatskin & Grosgrain. They’re such a timeless and effortless shoe. They retail for $875 from the Chanel website and typically resale starting around $450. Basically, completely out of my budget right now. But if I had these shoes, I’d wear them everywhere. I love the simplicity of the shoes and the versatility they offer. I would style them with a pair of loose fitting jeans and a chunky sweater or a light and airy summer dress. 

Secondly: The Christian Louboutin (CL) Goyetta black satin pumps. There are many CL shoes that I’d love to own, but these are currently at the top of my list. They’re sold out everywhere but originally retailed for $1395. Regarding resale, I’ve only seen one listing on eBay for them and the price was around $495. I think these would pair well with a little black dress for a date night out, or could be worn more casually for street style, with a pair of cropped straight leg jeans and a button up blouse. 

Thirdly: A Hermés Birkin. I’m pretty sure every single woman (or man) interested in fashion has this one on her list. You can’t actually purchase a Birkin flap bag from the website, you have to go into a Hermés boutique and place your name on a waiting list for the size of Birkin as well as what leather/color you want. This is so that when the bag is made and sent to the store, the sales associate will know who to call. To clarify: these bags are not specially made for the client but are made/distributed to the Hermés boutiques and then are offered to the waiting list for purchase. These bags are crazy expensive, and range from $10,000 as a starting price point to $100,000. The resale value of the Birkin varies greatly depending on the type of material used to made the bag and condition/age. If I had a Birkin, I’d probably be afraid to use it because I would want to preserve it and keep it in perfect condition. 

Fourth and final on my list: A Moncler Betula. Moncler has been well known in the skiing world for the warmth of their jackets and I would really love to own one. The Betula retails for $1,335.00 and resale for around $500+. This jacket would be perfect for the Michigan winters with its down and feather filling. Obviously, I would wear this in the winter and it would look great with a pair of Louboutin or Chanel snow boots and a pair of straight leg jeans. 

I hope this took your mind off of all of the current world news. I know dream shopping definitely distracts me when I need a mental break from everything. Stay healthy and I’ll see you next time for another edition of Amber’s All About Fashion.