How to keep motivation up after spring break


Chloe Couch, Writer

After about 135 days of school, students may need a hiatus from the constant stress and pressure, which comes in the form of spring break. While on break, however, students tend to lose motivation for school, which could make it harder to get back into the swing of things.

To help boost morale for the remaining part of the year, senior Stashia Campbell plays a spring sport—track and field.

“In the spring, especially since I’m a senior, staying motivated in every aspect, especially schoolwork, can be a real struggle,” Campbell said. “Something that helps a lot to keep me motivated is participating in spring sports. Since I run track, I have to keep my grades up so that I am academically eligible to play.”

The MHSAA minimum standard for academic eligibility requires that a full time student maintain passing grades in at least 66 percent of the classes in their full course schedule. However, many districts have raised these standards for academic eligibility; for Fenton High, you must be passing all classes. This rule can be beneficial for combating the motivational loss over spring break by giving athletes a reason to strive for good grades.

Some students don’t experience loss of motivation because they are constantly aiming for something—this can be a great idea to keep a desire for good grades. 

“I personally don’t feel a decrease in motivation,” senior Sam Whaling said. “I find my motivation through sports and friends. My friends keep me going because they are always able to put me in a good mood. The sports I play—basketball and lacrosse—keep me motivated not only because of academic eligibility, but also I love the sports and they give me even more reason to work hard.”

For those who do not find motivation through sports, visualizing the future impact gained by maintaining quality work in the present can give meaning to the tasks ahead. 

“When struggling to find desire to get my work done, I just remember that in the end it’s worth it,” Campbell said. “I only have to do it for a little longer till I graduate and then I have summer break to relax.

From sports to summer, visualizing a goal can help with the lack of motivation in school for students. Regardless of how motivation is found for each individual, try to stay positive and work hard.