People of Fenton: sophomore Audrey MacLean


“I moved to China in January of 2018 becuase my dad was offered a job there. It was quite a bit different. We didn’t have a car, we had a driver for my dad’s work and other than that we would take our bikes everywhere. I learned how to navigate my way through a chinese subway and I also had a little moped that I would take to school. The culture shock was rough though. Here a lot of times you will smile at strangers or compliment them but in China it didn’t happen as often, people didn’t seem to be as social or friendly. Also the driving there was crazy cuz apparently the drivers have right of way over the pedestrians. I liked it for the most part, I met great people but the school was very competitive and I had a hard time keeping up” – sophomore Audrey MacLean

Bree Soule, Online Editor