2020 COVID homecoming

2020 COVID homecoming

Halee Alexander, Writer

Fenton High’s homecoming was postponed from its original date, Sep. 25, but not canceled. The new date for homecoming has not been released, and no plans for prom have started yet. However, homecoming plans are still being made.

“Our possible homecoming themes range from ‘Around the World’  to ‘Disney Movies,’ to ‘Music and artists,’” Student Council President senior Hannah Ludwig said. “Masks would most likely need to be worn and distancing would be required. Prom hasn’t been brought to the table but we are hoping with the return to school and football returning students may get homecoming like any other year.”

COVID-19 has caused seniors to miss out on multiple opportunities, including starting their senior year at the school. Senior Delaney Fries doesn’t want to miss out on the homecoming dance as well.

“To have a senior [year] homecoming would mean having one more night with the entire school,” Fries said. “Seeing everybody’s smiling faces and watching them all dance, everybody always has a good time at homecoming. Being a senior, this is my last one. My only chance to dance with my freshman teammates and help them get all dolled up for their first big night. I don’t love masks, but if wearing one meant we could have a homecoming, I would do it. 2020 has taken too much from students and caused so much confusion and I think giving them the chance to forget all of that for one night and have fun as a big group would be really well received by the student body and that everyone would be really thankful.”

The dance itself is only part of the homecoming excitement. 

“I was really excited about doing marching band this year and playing at the homecoming game,” freshman Julia Blanchard said. “[The marching band] started out so good, and it would’ve been a great year. I was excited about playing at the game, hanging out with close friends, and having a great time.”

More information, including the homecoming theme and dance date, will be released by FHS after school begins face-to-face and things are more certain.