Tips on how to excel in virtual school

Tips on how to excel in virtual school

April Carr, Writer

COVID-19 has created many obstacles for schools around the country. One solution to lessening the spread of the virus is online school. However, online school comes with its own obstacles that students have to navigate through, and it is very easy to get overwhelmed. Below are five tips on how to excel in virtual school.

1: Make a planner

It is very easy to get stressed out with the loads of work that online school brings. One way to help is to make a planner and a set schedule of when things need to get done. This will not only help with staying on task, but many feel more accomplished when they complete a task.

2: Communicate with teachers

Communication with teachers is key in online school. If students do not understand something it is important to ask questions. Most likely, other kids have the same question and teachers will love that questions are being asked because it shows that students are engaged and truly want to understand the lesson.

3: Pomodoro Technique 

It is very crucial that students give themselves set breaks throughout the day. There is actually a technique called the Pomodoro Technique; work on a task for at least 25 minutes uninterrupted and take a break when done. This can make the completion of a task feel very rewarding. The more work that gets done the longer the break can be. According to theMuse, the Pomodoro Technique will help get things done faster because it is a set timer, instead of feeling like there is all the time in the world to get it done.

5: Limit distractions

Many people face distractions while trying to get work done, but there is a solution to this. Phones are a huge distraction for most teens, so it is important to set the phone in a different room. If noise level is an issue, find a designated area to do work. Make sure the lighting is good and provides clear visibility of the work, and verify that the chosen space is a suitable noise level fitting that will not disrupt the thought process. Eliminating distractions diminishes interruptions during work, and many will find themselves getting work done a lot faster because they’re not distracted constantly.

5: Make sure to get good sleep

Even though school is online, students should get around eight hours of sleep every night. Sleep plays a big role in academic performance. If not getting enough sleep, many often feel groggy and not motivated to do work, as opposed to if people are getting enough sleep they feel more ready to start the day and get work done.