Opinion: Spirit week needs to have new ideas

Opinion: Spirit week needs to have new ideas

Hannah Weaver, Writer

Every year Fenton High does a spirit week during the football and homecoming season. These past four years the participation of the student body has been decreasing; the reason being the repeated themes. 

According to sophomore Iona Jennings, “It was fun but nobody was really participating and people were sort of making fun of those who did participate. That made me a little nervous to partake in spirit week. Although, at the same time it was also kind of repetitive and boring because we always have the same themes.” 

Students voting on a Google Form to make suggestions or select themes for future spirit weeks could increase participation and prevent it from continuously being the same ideas. 

“We did a vote for the student council where we created a google form to help decide themes, but it might be more useful if it went out to the entire student body,” senior Cadyn Reger said. “Overall, I enjoyed participating in spirit week and I hope everyone else did as well.”

Even without a homecoming dance this year, spirit week still took place. However, with the constant recycling of theme ideas, students are participating less and less.

“I was bummed about how few people decided to participate,” freshman Lukas Nye said. “I think it would be really fun if we did a meme day. It’s something that I’ve seen other schools do and I think that the students at Fenton would enjoy it.” 

Students need something new and fresh to excite them about spirit week. The same themes every year, although there are participants, make it less fun and more predictable.