Inside Scoop: Oley Frappier


Bree Soule, Online Editor In Chief

Oley Frappier wakes up in the morning and starts his day off by heading to FHS. He can be seen holding the school entrance door open for students in the morning, smiling as students walk by.

“I have been at the high school for about two or three years,” Frappier said. “I do plan to stay here; it keeps me out of trouble. I enjoy the students, the people, and the staff. A lot of people won’t give you the time of day, but most of them here are really nice. I love getting to greet everyone first thing in the morning.”

After spending his time at Fenton High, Frappier goes to Tomek Elementary where he works as a recess aide.

“I enjoy all the kids, especially at the elementary school,” Frappier said. “They’re always putting me in ‘jail.’ I’ll ask them ‘why am I being put in jail?’ They’ll just reply ‘I don’t know.’ I enjoy the hugs too. There are two young ladies that would always bring me donuts or hash browns in the morning too.”

Prior to working at Fenton schools, Frappier worked at Fenton Auto Salvage as a heavy equipment operator for 30 years before retiring in 2012.

“I did everything there,” Frappier said. “I worked on equipment, disassembled old cars, welded, everything.”

In his spare time, Frappier loves to hunt, especially in the mountains.

“I go hunting every chance I get,” Frappier said. “I enjoy big game hunting, like deer and bears. I hunt with a bow and not a gun. I enjoy the outdoors. I love being out west hunting in the mountains. I used to do a lot of fishing in Alaska.”

From his time at Tomek to his time at Fenton High, Frappier is welcomed and loved by numerous students and he loves them equally— wishing he could be with them more.