The Pathfinders help each other through the pandemic

The Pathfinders help each other through the pandemic

Hannah Weaver, Writer

The previous school year, a new group at Fenton High emerged and has been growing ever since— the Pathfinders. They have been checking up on those around them and praying for those who decide to reach out. The Pathfinders are a group that works together to create a safe environment to share beliefs, grow and learn more about God.

“Prayer has helped us so much throughout this whole pandemic because it gives people who have been struggling a way to reach out and ask for help,” senior Drew Baldwin said. “We take prayer requests from people every Monday from bible study and the leaders get together and pray about them every week. By doing so, this keeps our faith strong and keeps us connected as God’s children.”  

With school returning to virtual learning until Jan. 19, the Pathfinders decided to schedule Zoom calls to stay connected. When school returns to face-to-face learning, they will return to meeting regularly every Monday after school. 

“I love strengthening my relationship with God while strengthening my relationship with others in the group,” senior Kendra Ryan said. “During this pandemic, it has really helped me and the other leaders to feel more at peace with all of the things that are going on around the world.” 

This group had started last year and the number of students in the group grew from there. These students genuinely enjoy surrounding themselves with those who are looking to expand their relationship with God.

“The first time I joined was sometime around November of last year,” senior Chris LaFave said. “The leaders then had done a really great job leading, so I really enjoyed going. The new leaders are Kendra Ryan, Drew Baldwin, Ibrahim Sene and I.” 

These meetings offer an opportunity to learn about God and fellowship with other people. The meetings are on Mondays from 2:45-4 PM through Zoom. To contact The Pathfinders, message them through Instagram, ¡thepathfinderss, through Remind, ¡PFStudy21, or through one of the leaders directly.