The Fashion Textbook: Holiday fashion

The Fashion Textbook: Holiday fashion

Emmy Johnson, Online Editor

If Gucci or Chanel is off the table, anyone can find dupes for these pieces at a local Target, resale store or Walmart for more than half the price.

1: Red Plaid

Gucci’s holiday collection labeled as “Holiday Office Party” features red plaid in several looks— most popularly a dress decorated with gold accents and a trench coat with knitted texture— this led to red plaid becoming a holiday staple this year.

Not only is red easy to pair to any color, but it’s also a Christmas color allowing any outfit to be festive with minimal effort. Pair a plaid skirt or pants with either a black or white shirt for a simple look for any occasion. If it’s cold, invest in a plaid trench coat to add a classy flair to any outfit.

If you wish to copy Gucci’s collection this year look for plaid pantsuits with texture, scarves and dresses that cinch at the waist giving an hourglass shape.

2: Slit dresses

Although COVID-19 has limited our options of being able to show off to friends and family, that doesn’t mean we shouldn’t be able to dress up this holiday season. Slit dresses are making a comeback from the surge they had in 2018, this time remodeled in velvet or silk with long sleeves and deep necklines.

Although these dresses come in a multitude of colors, for Christmas it is mostly recommended to wear dark green, sage, black or red to stay festive. For parties, dress up with strappy heels and for a regular day, pair with sneakers and a winter coat. For jewelry, wear pearls or minimalistic gold chains. This will provide an Audrey Hepburn-like charm.

Slit dresses are easy to find with Target coming out with their holiday line, shoppers that wish to look expensive at a low price will be able to achieve that goal soon.

3: Cable Knit Sweaters

This year cable knit sweaters have regained their Christmas-staple status. Last year, Gucci created neutral-colored cable knit sweaters for their winter collection, and this year Old Navy made Gucci dupes for a much lower price.

This piece can be easily paired with leggings, jeans with boots or heels for holiday parties. Oversized sweaters are best worn with skinny jeans, and depending on the color of the sweater, you could pair it with a dark pair of jeans or distressed ones. For a cropped sweater pair it with baggy army pants or jeans that cinch at the waist leaving you with a flattering figure.

4: Neutral Colors

Surprisingly, neutral colors this winter have been big— with models such as Bella Hadid hitting the town in beige monochrome fits. The color theme has been seen all over, especially in New York and the Los Angeles area.

Neutrals, like brown and tan are better worn together as a monochrome look or mix-matched, while brown is better to be worn with black or monochrome with other neutrals. Silver jewelry doesn’t look the best with neutrals. Instead use gold delicate pieces or chunky chains, which will extenuate your collarbones and put the outfit together.

Specifically wearing a cream sweater with leather pants is both classy and elegant, giving you the aesthetic of Marilyn Monore.

Although these colors aren’t usually seen as holiday colors, 2020 has changed that,  allowing you to match the colder atmosphere with class.

Despite the holidays having to be celebrated differently this year, it doesn’t mean you can’t show off looks with these tips, even if it was to be on Zoom with your friends or family celebrating Christmas.