Gold Circle Awards given to the InPrint staff for their work

Riley Wilson, Content Editor

The wood that holds the awards lining the walls in the publication room vary from shining and new, to old and fragile. The InPrint has received numerous awards over the years, and a number of students were honored in receiving their own award due to their efforts in publications.

“A Gold Circle Award is given by the Columbia Press Association to outstanding student work,” InPrint editor in chief Caitlin Heenan said. “A judge reviewed, scored and commented on the quality of all the aspects of last year’s newspaper.”

According to their website, CSPA is an organization that values the work of individuals in hope to reward superior work. The goal of CSPA is to unite students that share a common interest and love for publications. With thousands of publications being submitted all around the nation, the chances of earning a Gold Circle Award is low.

“We submit our most outstanding word,” publications adviser Pam Bunka said. “Three students from the InPrint staff received awards. This means that their work is among the top in the nation.”

As a new year for the publications starts, Heenan has big plans, using the review from last year to help the staff excel.

“We got incredible reviews, especially for the quality of technology we have to use to complete the paper,” Heenan said. “This year, our goal as a staff is to maintain the high quality of writing and designing that goes into the making of our paper.”

With the goal in mind, Heenan wants to teach the newspaper staff what it means to be a journalist.

“We can accomplish the goal by understanding what our job is as journalists and designers,” Heenan said. “We need to continue to take time and skill to compose stories and use intriguing and creative designs.