Top five colleges in Michig‌an


Meghan Maier, Online Editor

While going out-of-state is an option for those willing to travel for college, there are numerous colleges in Michigan for those who do not want to leave the state. Below are top five colleges in Michigan students may attend.

1: University of Michigan 

The University of Michigan (U of M) is located in Ann Arbor, MI, but has schools also located in Dearborn and Flint. Many people apply to the university each year, but only about 32 percent of applicants get accepted. There are many different types of dorms as well as off campus apartments, when living in a residence hall after signing your contract it can’t be cancelled.

2: Michigan State University

Michigan State University (MSU) is located in East Lansing, MI. MSU is considered the “little brother” to the University of Michigan, however the acceptance rate at Michigan State is higher than U of M’s. Out of all of the applicants, about 70-80 percent get accepted. There are 27 residence halls, and 99 percent of the freshman class chooses to live on campus.

3: Michigan Technological University 

Michigan Technological University is located in Houghton, MI— the heart of the Upper Peninsula’s snowbelt. The acceptance rate at Michigan Tech is 70-80 percent. This school is best known for its STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering, and Mathematics) program, but also has a strong humanities program as well. 

4: Oakland University

Oakland University is located in the suburban setting of Rochester, MI. The acceptance rate at Oakland is about 80-90 percent and there are over 135 undergraduate programs that you can choose from. Oakland has 6 residence halls, all located within a 10 minute walking distance from classes, labs, food and libraries.

5: Albion College

Albion college is a private college located in Albion, MI. The acceptance rate at Albion is about 60-70 percent. Albion has undergraduate degrees in over 30 areas of study, as well as over 100 study abroad programs. First year students live in the residence halls but after your first year you receive more housing options, such as apartments, suites, fraternity houses and special-interest housing.