Tips on how to improve grades


Emmy Johnson, Online Editor

1: Stay organized

Having a messy desk or room can prevent focus and pull you away from what truly matters: classes. Having an organized space is the first step to being able to improve grades as a student. Clutter reduces the brain from productivity and being able to stay focused on one subject, as well as reduces the chance of processing information given leading you to not being able to keep calm and do best in school, instead students are more prone to failing classes instead of passing them. Taking an hour out of a day to clean a backpack, room or desk could lead to a more productive mood and a mindset for studying or learning.

2: Use study apps

With new technology, learning is as easy as ever. Downloading apps like Quizlet, Khan Academy or Notions can make studying faster and writing notes better. Khan Academy allows students to learn their class or chapter of their textbook, with videos for any subject teaching people to do geometry equations, analyze the Scarlet Letter or help with grammar. Quizlet provides flashcards to study, giving you games to comprehend sets and join classes or groups. Notions is a free browser that allows students to create notes for class with different fonts, colors, templates and is best described for studying. Using all resources possible for classes will lead your grades to improvement.

3: Be multicolored

Studies show that students are able to process their notes and flashcards if they are bright and in colored ink. Use a highlighter for important information and use blue ink for flashcards and review to remember material. Using a black pen for notes and a red one for homework making it easier to recognize them. While all of these colors may seem chaotic and too much, learning how to highlight and take notes properly will keep it simple and easy to look at without confusion. It’s best to invest in good highlighters and pens to ensure they don’t run out, although this doesn’t mean to spend loads of money. Having a few good colored pens and highlighters will get the job done.

4: Use The Pomodoro Method

The Pomodoro method is an excellent method to use to ensure that you get the best out of studying with a break in between. The method is used as such: study for 30 to 45 minutes with no break and preferably turn all electronics off with a timer somewhere. When the timer goes off, have a 5 to 10 minute break for the bathroom, a drink or snacks. The method works as a way to keep focused and productive with a reward of a break in the near future. Although the method works for most, some can say that the pull to still be distracted is strong and is best to put your phone in another room.

5: Create a study schedule

Having a schedule for classes and homework will make life easier. Knowing when an assignment is due or when a big test is coming is great time management and allows students to keep focused on the important things for classes instead of heading off track and not knowing what is due and what isn’t. Apps like Google Calendar and Student Calendar allow the user to customize the app with different colors, reminding students when assignments are due and when classes start. Student Calendar specifically color codes your schedule and reminds you to complete events for school while Google Calendar is mostly reminders.